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As the healthcare system evolves, today’s pharmacists are playing a growing and important role in the continuum of care through expanded services and counselling. With this, pharmacists continue to look for ways to improve operational efficiency, so they can spend more time on patient care and less time managing administrative tasks.

Supported Formats

Venalink offers an extensive range of MDS designed to work in automated dispensing systems, helping pharmacists to optimize their time, drive growth and improve patient care. The following products are compatible with both the BD Rowa™ SynMed XF and BD Rowa™ SynMed ULTRA systems.

Qube Pro

Qube Pro allows for direct printing of patient information onto the package. Visual aids allow for fast and repeatable alignment on automation trays. In addition, we removed a third panel from the packaging, reducing redundant material.


Qube is our high-capacity blister solution with generously sized morning and night blisters. Qube seamlessly integrates with both automation and semi-automation systems, ensuring widespread compatibility.

Book Style Monthly

Our book style unit-dose monthly cards were designed to integrate seamlessly with automated dispensing systems, with the visual colour-coding and accompanying ancillary items adding additional security.


Experience the versatility of FlexRx™ tailor-made for pharmacists and patients alike. Raised alignment posts improve sealing times and provide guaranteed repeatability in automated and semi-automated filling environments. Detachable blister cavities make it easy for patients to take medications with them on the go. For those seeking additional protection, an optional paperboard cover is also available.