Two racks full of monitored dosage cards with white, blue, orange, yellow and pink dividers and cards. Pink breakfast dividers are at the top of both racks.

At Venalink, we recognise the pivotal role pharmacists play as part of a multidisciplinary team that enhances the health and well-being of residents in care homes or nursing homes. Our monitored dosage systems (MDS) offer a comprehensive solution to elevate medication administration and foster better treatment adherence among older adults. 

COVID-19 has shown the importance of medication adherence, since 66% of care home patients take more than seven medications a day, underscoring the significance of streamlined medication management. 

Tailored Formats for Individual Needs

Venalink has different types of MDS adapted to the needs of each resident. The larger capacity formats can contain up to 10-15 medications per blister cavity for each medication dose or time pass.

Streamlined Treatment Oversight

Our systems provide ample space for clear labelling, facilitating patient identification and treatment record-keeping. Every medication is organised by dosage and day, creating a visually intuitive format that simplifies the administration process.

Unparalleled Convenience With Detachable Blister Cavities

Our FlexRx™ format allows you to easily detach blister cavities, creating portable medication doses that double as medication cups. Each perforated cavity can be easily removed, while retaining important medication information on its label.

Embrace Automation for Optimal Efficiency

Venalink MDS formats are compatible with semi-automation and automation technologies, which allow pharmacies to optimise the preparation process, improve accuracy and enhance efficiency.

Empowering Caregivers and Reducing Risk of Errors

Venalink MDS provides a holistic overview of the of the patient's medication schedule throughout the week, which helps remind caregivers and reduces the risk of missed or incorrectly administered doses.

Repair Patches

Simplified Medication Changes 

Managing medication changes is an effortless process with our repair patches for Venalink MDS. Repair patches are designed to simplify and expedite the correction process, ensuring seamless transitions for residents’ treatment plans.

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Transport and Storage of MDS 

Medication trolleys are ideal for transporting and storing MDS systems and medications that are not included in the blister packs. They are lightweight for easy transport, and are made of high-quality, easy-to-clean materials. 

We have several formats that adapt to your needs, with capacity for between 42 and 108 MDSs.

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