We offer a wide range of pharmacy products, serving as a single-source supply opportunity for our customers. From innovative medication adherence packaging and blister packs to a range of ancillary supplies, we provide simple solutions in the otherwise complex world of products for pharmacy, hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Four rolls of medication adherence repair patches in two stacks.

Repair Patches

Our range of repair patches covers our full offering of medication adherence products, from weekly to monthly cards, offering a simple solution to changes within the blister and maintaining the tamper-evident design.

Rollers & Sealing Templates

Venalink blister packs are designed with pressure-sensitive adhesive, meaning they rely on the correct amount of pressure being applied during the sealing process in order to activate the adhesive bond. This vital step of sealing a blister pack requires the correct tools, which is why our rollers and sealing templates are designed to ensure proper adhesion, contributing to the overall integrity of the packaging.

A stack of plastic dividers laid flat with the blue

Patient Dividers

Patient dividers are designed to fit seamlessly onto either style of Venalink ring binder, and play a crucial role in care home environements to organise each resident's blister pack and ensure patient safety. Available in pink, yellow, orange, blue and white to match our colour-coded monthly cards, each divider is durable and easy to clean, facilitating efficient sorting and dispensing of medications for multiple residents.


The small, lightweight Pil-Bob® was designed to make the removal of medication from a blister pack easier for patients with limited manual dexterity. Featuring an ergonomic cup design with serrated point, the Pil-Bob can be easily inserted into and card-based Venalink pack to remove the medication.

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Two racks full of monitored dosage cards with white, blue, orange, yellow and pink dividers and cards. Pink breakfast dividers are at the top of both racks.

Ring Binders

Our ring binders were designed with ease of use in mind, accommodating our monthly packs with ease using either the holes at the top of the card, or using the small perforation at the top of the card. They also fit seamlessly into our range of trolleys. We designed our ring binders with user convenience as our top priority, ensuring effortless accommodation of our monthly blister packs. Using either the holes at the top of the card, or the small perforation, cards and dividers are easily loaded onto either size of ring binder. Moreover, they seamlessly integrate into our assortment of trolleys, enhancing overall usability and versatility.