Welcome to Venalink: Your Trusted MDS Partner

Discover the power of Venalink’s monitored dosage systems (MDS), innovative medication management solutions designed exclusively for pharmacists and your patients. Our MDS enhances patient adherence by removing the complexity from medication management, promoting better health outcomes.


What is a monitored dosage system (MDS)?

The Venalink MDS is a sophisticated sealed medication packaging system that simplifies the process of organising patient medications according to their specific day and time dosing requirements. The MDS is like a calendar that organises patient medications.

Key Advantages of MDS

Supporting Better Health Outcomes 

According to the World Health Organization, improving medication adherence may have a greater impact on population health than any other specific improvement in medical treatment. Blister packs have been shown to improve adherence rates from 61% to as much as 97%.  

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Enhancing the Pharmacist’s Role 

Blister packs improve communication and collaboration with other healthcare providers and reinforce patient trust in pharmacy as a primary care provider.  

Expanding Pharmacy’s Primary Care Services 

When patients receive one-on-one care and consultation from their pharmacist, they’re more likely to follow their medication schedules. Ongoing use of blister packs as a professional service creates a regular dialogue with patients and prompts prescription refills, which helps both pharmacies and patients stay on track. 

Exceptional Customer Support 

At Venalink, we pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service. From swift deliveries to technical troubleshooting, personalised assistance to guidance with product selection, our dedicated team are committed to your success.

Tailored Solutions 

We understand that every pharmacy is unique, and we’re here to help you stand out with our tailored solutions. Elevate your MDS by personalising it with bespoke cards deigned to showcase your pharmacy’s branding, logo, and corporate colours. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we ensure that every aspect of your MDS speaks volumes about your pharmacy’s dedication to excellence.

Integration With Pharmacy Automation 

Our commitment to innovation extends to seamless integration with leading pharmacy automation technologies, such as the renowned SynMed® system. By incorporating our MDS with cutting-edge automated filling machines, we streamline your pharmacy operations for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Our integration capabilities span across the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America, ensuring that pharmacies worldwide can leverage the benefits of our advanced solutions.

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Sustainability At Heart 

Our MDS use blisters with recycled content and paperboard made from renewable resources. 

User-Centric Design 

Our patient-friendly solutions are thoughtfully crafted to support individuals of all ages. Easy-access compartments, clear instructions, and detachable options ensure a seamless experience for patients on the go. We understand the importance of simplicity and accessibility in medication management, which is why we meticulously design our products with user comfort and convenience in mind.