Understanding Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS) 

The MDS is a calendarized packaging system designed to simplify patients’ medication routines.

Pharmacists play a critical role by organising medications according to prescribed schedules, ensuring patients take the right doses at the right times. Our MDS allows for a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s prescribed dosage regimen, promoting adherence and accuracy.

MDS Components

The MDS is made up of two essential components: the card or label, and the blister.  


Our blister packs are designed with varying depths to accommodate all card sizes and a diverse range of medication regimens. These blisters securely house medications, safeguarding their integrity until administration. We also offer blisters made from recycled PET (rPET), ensuring sustainability without compromising functionality.

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Two weekly monitored dosage cards filled with various capsules and tablets. Both cards are partially open

Card or Label

The card component is made with high-quality paperboard manufactured using 100% renewable resources. Additionally, we offer printable label-based solutions that allow pharmacies to directly print patient information onto the MDS instead of applying separate labels, streamlining the process further.

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Monthly MDS 

Tailored for care home settings, our monthly MDS formats offer cold seal options and seamless compatibility with pharmacy automation. Explore a range of features and benefits that redefine medication management in care facilities.

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Two book style monitored dosage cards filled with various capsules and tablets. One card is partially open, one card is fully open and laid flat.

Weekly MDS 

In retail pharmacy settings, our weekly MDS formats shine. Personalisation options and diverse weekly configurations allow pharmacies to optimise medication organization and enhance their brand for patients. Our flagship product lines Qube and Qube Pro lead the way in this category. 

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Dive into our comprehensive range of pharmacy packaging supplies, including rollers, sealing trays, laser labels, dividers, repair patches, binders and the Pil-Bob blister opening aid. Discover solutions that enhance your pharmacy’s operational excellence and patient care. 

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Elevate your medication management infrastructure with the Venalink trolley, complete with a leash, bag clip, and white MFC construction on a steel frame. Experience mobility, convenience, and organisation like never before. 

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