Kamsons Pharmacy Adopts Venalink’s Qube Pro for Streamlined Operations

As the pharmacy landscape continues to evolve, pharmacies are looking for products that integrate seamlessly into their workflows to save time and focus on patient care. This includes a move toward increased automation for tasks such as filling monitored dosage systems (MDS) with prescriptions using robotic technology.

Based in Uxbridge, Kent and with over 70 pharmacies in their network, Kamsons Pharmacy is no stranger to automation. Operating three SynMed XF dispensing systems, Kamsons has already seen remarkable transformations to their operations after moving to Venalink UK as their MDS supplier.

We spoke to Frankii Chapman, Hub Manager at Kamsons’ Uckfield MDS Hub, to talk about her team’s journey transitioning to our Qube Pro MDS – and the benefits of both Venalink UK’s service and the product to the MDS Hub.


We developed the latest addition to our flagship Qube range, the Qube Pro, in close partnership across Jones Healthcare Group companies, pharmacy automation technology manufacturers and pharmacy chains by analysing every step of the MDS filling and sealing process. As a result, the Qube Pro streamlines MDS filling and checking by decreasing sealing time and increasing repeatability. This is the case whether the package is prepared manually or using an automated robot.

With multiple patients and high volumes of MDS moving through the MDS Hub, the Kamsons team recognised the potential for Qube Pro and embraced the opportunity to improve their workflow in early 2022. “We were looking to more in a new direction, and this card just speaks for itself,” mentions Frankii. Kamsons opted to customise the Qube Pro with its branding before launching the new product for their pharmacies.


In Venalink’s continuous search for sustainable alternatives, Qube Pro features a foil-free, push-and-tear backing over each medication compartment or blister cavity. Frankii describes this design as the most impactful feature. In addition to improving sustainability and patient accessibility, the feature has also increased operating speed. “It’s a small, but incredibly effective change to have a perforation rather than the traditional solid backing. The ease of opening perforated backings on each cavity has really sped up any medication changes that we need to make. It’s game changing,” explains Frankii.


Frankii believes the introduction of Qube Pro has revolutionised the workflow within the Hub. “We have one SynMed system running at full capacity, producing around 650 trays per day, and other machines in use at various levels ­– so you’re looking at 1,100 to 1,200 trays per day.” This emphasizes Kamsons’ need for an MDS that could be sealed just as quickly, if not quicker, than it takes a robot to fill the pack. Otherwise, there would be bottlenecks in the Hub’s operations.

That’s why we designed the Qube Pro with a printable cover and spine, so the patient’s name and medication information can be printed directly on the pack instead of requiring additional labels. “Time is the biggest thing – absolutely the most significant. Printing and applying additional labels to packs can be so time consuming, and they also create more waste,” confirms Frankii.  She estimates the Qube Pro’s direct-print design saves her and the team a significant three minutes in sealing time per pack, while also saving on waste.


An important part of any new product is getting it right – and the Venalink team prioritizes input from customers in our product development process, whether this is feedback on how the product works for them and their patients, or other usability details that can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

“The company and the product are way ahead of the times, and the Venalink team are so approachable,” adds Frankii. “I’d never hesitate to ask, ‘Can we change this, or can we try this?’ Sometimes Venalink has already thought of it! We know if we need anything we can just ask. They are a company open to ideas. The product, the team, the way everything is handled, is really professional.”

For more information on the Qube Pro or to order your sample today, we welcome you to contact us.