Sustainable Quality: The new Venalink Qube Range streamlines time in the pharmacy dispensary

Pharmacies looking to streamline their time in the dispensary can now choose from three new medication adherence products for multidose patient regimes: Qube Clear, Qube Tab and Qube Clear Duo.


Venalink, a leader in medication adherence packaging, is pleased to launch three new products for pharmacy customers today as part of their flagship Qube range. These brand new products not only offer all the benefits of the popular Qube blister pack, but also newly designed features for pharmacies and patients alike, with 100% recyclable construction to meet the evolving needs of the pharmacy market and support its customers’ commitment to sustainability.

“Our aim in 2021 is to support our customers’ commitment to sustainability, while continuing to expand our offering with a range of options that support pharmacy workflow and most importantly, help patients manage medication more effectively,” says Mark McArdle, Managing Director at Venalink. “We have seen over the past year in particular how helpful adherence packaging can be for vulnerable patients managing complex medication schedules – it’s difficult for them to organise multiple prescriptions on their own. Our customers have described numbers of MDS patients increasing during the situation with COVID-19 as patients seek out the familiar service. Blister packs have been shown to help patients take the right medications at the right time.”

The new products are available at a competitive price, while maintaining the quality customers can expect from Venalink. In addition to the high-capacity blisters offered by the Qube, Qube Clear and Clear Duo offer portable clamshell designs, with protective plastic lids for four-dose-per-day and two-dose-per-day medication schedules, respectively. The Qube Tab offers a streamlined design with a card cover for a four-dose-per-day schedule.

All three additions to the Qube range feature new tabbed edges, allowing patients to easily remove medication from the blister, and our two-step seal, meaning packs can be partially assembled and filled before they are checked and safely sealed prior to dispensing to patients. This allows our customers to streamline their time in the dispensary, sealing packs only after they have completed all necessary checks and final changes.

“Customer feedback continues to drive our investment in advanced, environmentally conscious products to meet the evolving needs of the pharmacy landscape and our commitment to sustainable development.” concludes Mark.


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