Foam Pill Bat

Foam pill bat to be used for cold sealing – colour black. Place the card and blister in the pill bat, fill with medication accordingly and seal using a roller, applying pressure against the pill bat with the roller.

Pill bat can be used with the following cold seal cards:
AM/PM, Trifold, green weekly, purple monthly, daily and all coloured care home cards.

T12F482 – AM/PM cards
T12F120 – Trifold cards
T12F102 – Green weekly cold seal cards
T12F104 – Purple monthly cold seal cards
T12F017cs – Daily cards
T12F489 – Pink monthly care home cards
T12F490 – Yellow monthly care home cards
T12F488 – Orange monthly care home cards
T12F487 – Blue monthly care home cards

ROL2 – roller
RP2 – repair patches

12284 – Small square blisters
12283 Large square blisters
12285 – Extra Large square blisters
12286 – Jumbo square blisters

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