Welcome to our comprehensive guide answering your most common queries! Whether you’re new to Venalink or a long-time user, this FAQ article aims to provide clarity on the topics that matter most to our customers. From navigating our services to understanding key features, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find answers to your questions and make the most out of your experience with us:


Q: Why do I need a roller?

A: The majority of our medication adherence packs are made up of a plastic blister and a card or label. All these products require a roller and template when sealing. This is because they are produced using pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), which is a type of adhesive that forms a bond when pressure is applied to it. The pressure applied using your roller is a crucial part of the sealing process and without it, your card will not seal effectively. If you do not yet have a roller, you can order one here.


Q: What is a Venalink ring binder?

A: Venalink ring binders, sometimes referred to as “hangers”, are used to store unit dose monthly monitored dosage cards. We have two sizes, standard and small which are available to purchase here.


Q: Where should I store MDS packs before they are sealed?

A: To ensure the efficacy of the adhesive on your packs they should be stored at room temperature in a dry environment. If the cards become too hot (for example stored near a radiator) this could affect the adhesive.


Q: Where should my patient store their sealed blister pack?

A: Blister packs should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Please remember, the packs are not child resistant and MUST be stored out of the sight and reach of children.


Q: Why are there different coloured card and dividers, what are they for?

A: Our plastic dividers are supplied in the following colours:

Pink (for Breakfast), Yellow (for Lunch), Orange (for Teatime), Blue (for Bedtime) and White (for PRN medication). They can be combined with our colour coded monthly cards for additional visual matching which come in the following colours:

Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple.


Q: Which template do I need?

A: This depends on which card you are using. For Qube Pro you will need a Qube Pro template which you can find here. For Qube cards you will need a Qube template which you can find here. All of our card based monthly cards, AM/PM cards, Trifold and Daily cards use the same template which you can find here.


Q: How should my patient remove the medication from the pack?

A: We have a variety of cards which are opened in different ways. For example, if the pack has a foil and paper backing (such as Qube, Trifold, or AM/PM) we recommend piercing it, using either your finger or an opening aid such as the Pil-Bob® which is available here. If the pack has a Pull Tab (such as Qube Clear) you should pull this to access the blister. On Qube Pro the opening instructions are printed over each cavity, the user should push on the perforation and tear to the left. A full list of usage instructions for each of our products can be found and downloaded here.


Q: How do I seal the card?

A: You can see a full list of sealing instructions here, find the product you have ordered and download the instructions as a PDF. If you need any further assistance with sealing your cards don’t hesitate to contact us on 01244 287050 or email us at sales@venalink.co.uk, one of our team will be happy to help!


Q: What are repair patches?

A: Repair patches enable easy changes to completed packs. They vary in size, so please ensure you order the correct label for the packs you are using. You can order repair patches here.


Q: Can I customise my card?

A: Yes! All our card/label and blister-based products can be customised with your pharmacy branding. There is a minimum order quantity for customisation. For Qube, Trifold, AM/PM and all monthly cards this is 25,000 cards. For Qube Pro the minimum order quantity is 15,000 cards. To talk to us about custom products drop us a message via our contact form here. All we need to get started is your logo!


Q: How long will my delivery take to arrive?

A: Mainland UK parcel deliveries which are received before 2pm should be sent the same day and arrive in 1-2 working days. Please note deliveries overseas and/or pallet deliveries will take longer, please ask a member of our team for a delivery estimate when placing your order.