13th June 2024

Celebrating 35 Years of Venalink UK: A Milestone in Medication Adherence Solutions in the UK

Celebrating 35 Years of Venalink UK: A Milestone in Medication Adherence Solutions in the UK

Three and a Half Decades of Impact and Innovation in Healthcare

This month, we proudly celebrate a significant milestone, the 35th anniversary of Venalink UK. For over three decades, Venalink has been a pivotal player in medication adherence, consistently dedicated to improving the management of medication for patients and caregivers alike. Venalink’s journey has been marked by innovation and dedication to customer service.

Established in 1989 by a pharmacist with a clear mission, to simplify patients’ medication routines, Venalink UK has evolved into a trusted and respected provider of monitored dosage systems (MDS) among pharmacies, hospitals, dispensing doctors, correctional institutions and long-term care facilities, forging long-term relationships.

Venalink’s history is rich with pioneering MDS products that have made a tangible difference in medication adherence. One of the earliest and most enduring products, the Weekly Bifold, remains popular among patients for its reliability and ease of use.

Building on this legacy, Venalink introduced the Qube in 2011 and the Qube Pro in 2021, addressing the evolving needs of the pharmacy profession with advanced solutions. These products underscore Venalink’s commitment to providing effective and practical medication management tools.

Rooted in North Wales, Venalink’s influence extends well beyond the United Kingdom, thanks to the company’s expansive network and reputation for quality. Venalink became part of Jones Healthcare Group in 2004. This partnership has enriched Venalink with unparalleled expertise and resources, further enhancing its ability to meet the dynamic needs of the healthcare market.

Central to Venalink’s success is its dedicated team, whose hard work, passion, and unwavering dedication have driven our achievements. As Venalink celebrates its 35th anniversary, we extend heartfelt gratitude to each team member for their vital role in our journey.

“Being part of Jones Healthcare Group has allowed us to leverage their extensive knowledge, experience, and capabilities,” adds Mark Mcardle, Managing Director of Venalink UK. “This partnership has been instrumental in our growth and success.”

Looking ahead, Venalink’s focus remains on future growth, innovation, and sustainability. Our vision for the future includes strengthening partnerships within the healthcare community and pharmacy automation technologies to continue delivering top-tier medication adherence solutions.

As we honour 35 years of Venalink UK, we look forward to many more years of excellence and outstanding service in medication adherence.