3rd July 2024

35 Years: The Journey to Qube Pro

35 Years: The Journey to Qube Pro

Over the past 35 years, we have continuously evolved our blister pack product line to meet the growing and diverse needs of patients and healthcare providers. This article traces the journey of our products, from our very first Weekly Bifold, to our latest Qube Pro. Join us as we explore the timeline of some of Venalink’s innovative medication adherence advancements!

Thinking Outside the Box: Weekly and Monthly Bifold

Our first products, the Weekly and Monthly Bifold cards, were designed to help organise medications on a weekly and monthly basis. Our goal was straightforward, to simplify medication management. Available with four sizes of blister, our original solutions have been a popular choice for community and long-term care settings for over three decades. Following the success of the range, we expanded it to include our colour-coded monthly bifold system, which offers easy identification of each medication round, available alongside matching colour-coded plastic dividers.

Embracing book-style: Trifold & AM/PM

Building on our product line, we introduced our first book-style community card, the Trifold, and a compact 2 dose card, AM/PM to suit semi-complex regimes. Both cards offer a protective card cover, the flexibility of high-capacity blister sizes, and ample label spaces for users with multiple medications. These products became popular for their compact and user-friendly designs and are still common choices for numerous pharmacies across the UK.

When bigger is better: Qube

As the need for an even higher capacity pack emerged, we launched Qube, featuring our largest ever blister, with bigger night and morning cavities to accommodate heavier dosage times. The Qube’s design and functionality made it a popular choice among healthcare providers and patients alike, accommodating more complex medication regimes.

Advancing Automation: Qube Pro

The most recent addition to Venalink’s product line, the Qube Pro, released in 2021, offers enhanced features for pharmacies embracing automation. The Qube Pro represents the culmination of years of commitment to improving medication adherence, designed with automated dispensing systems in mind, as pharmacies embrace automated filling. We are incredibly proud of each and every product in our line-up and look forward to many more years of developing innovative medication adherence solutions!


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