Partnerships in Medication Management

As a dedicated MDS company, we actively collaborate with top-tier distributors and partners who share our commitment to elevating medication management standards.  

By forging strong connections with leading pharmacy-focused organisations and best-practice, knowledge-sharing associations, we reinforce our leadership position in the field, particularly in the realm of monitored dosage systems and medication adherence.

Here are a few of our partners:

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John Griffey Ltd

Based in Dublin, John Griffey Ltd have been distributing Venalink products across the Republic of Ireland for almost 30 years.

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Pharmis GmbH

Based in Beinwil am See, Switzerland, Pharmis has focussed on professionalising and simplifying workflows in medication management since 2002.

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Cambrian Alliance Group

Based in Cardiff, Cambrian Alliance is a buying group for independent pharmacy, with their buying platform, e-CASS, the leading platform across the sector supporting over 1,200 members.