Medication adherence blister
A pharmacist in the pharmacy consults with a patient using a tablet
medication management solutions for patients and caregivers.

A 30-Year Legacy of Product & Service Excellence  

Established in 1989 by a pharmacist, Venalink UK has evolved to become a trusted and respected monitored dosage system (MDS) provider proudly serving the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service, and pioneering product development tailored to pharmacy needs and sustainability has positioned us at the forefront of medication adherence solution development.  

With over 30 years of experience in MDS for pharmacies, Venalink UK became part of the global advanced healthcare packaging provider Jones Healthcare Group in 2004. 

Part of an international network of MDS companies

Venalink UK supports pharmacies directly and in alignment with distribution partners in Switzerland, Germany and Ireland. 

Our sister company Venalink Spain extends our footprint to Southern Europe and Latin America, providing MDS products to these regions. Another member of Jones Healthcare Group, Medi-Clear Ltd, is an innovative contract manufacturer and designer of MDS product components and materials.

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