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Fri Jul 11 09:06:53 BST 2014
An expansion of weight loss surgery in England is being proposed to tackle an epidemic of type 2
Fri Jul 11 08:22:17 BST 2014
Many NHS trusts in England have temporarily shut maternity units in the past year, commonly because
Fri Jul 11 06:00:42 BST 2014
NHS England says it does not know how many hospital beds are needed to deal with increasing demand
Fri Jul 11 02:25:24 BST 2014
A vaccine against dengue fever could protect more than half the children who are given it, a trial
Fri Jul 11 02:18:55 BST 2014
One in four people in England has not heard of out-of-hours GP services, figures suggest.
Thu Jul 10 21:44:55 BST 2014
A child born in the US with HIV and believed cured after very early treatment has now been found to
Thu Jul 10 18:39:27 BST 2014
The Muslim Council of Great Britain says Muslims who fast during Ramadan - despite being ill - may
Thu Jul 10 11:46:56 BST 2014
The suspicious deaths of dozens of patients at a hospital in the 1990s will be the subject of an
Thu Jul 10 11:27:28 BST 2014
The EU's top court says designer drugs that mimic cannabis, which are already illegal in many
Thu Jul 10 10:28:00 BST 2014
Cooling babies deprived of oxygen at birth improves their chances of growing up without
Thu Jul 10 08:55:49 BST 2014
The five key financial challenges for the NHS.
Thu Jul 10 08:10:12 BST 2014
A re-think is needed on the waiting time target for routine operations as 18 weeks is too long for
Thu Jul 10 01:04:38 BST 2014
Fears are being raised the NHS in England will no longer be free at the point of use - up to now a
Wed Jul 09 18:02:52 BST 2014
Malaria parasites can hide inside the bone marrow and evade the body's defences, research confirms.
Wed Jul 09 16:07:37 BST 2014
Ed Miliband calls for David Cameron to "correct the record" over hospital waiting times claims.
Wed Jul 09 15:19:01 BST 2014
Vulnerable patients should be offered their own personal health and care budgets, the NHS England
Wed Jul 09 07:14:44 BST 2014
The number of organ transplants carried out in the UK has reached a new record - with more than
Wed Jul 09 02:47:25 BST 2014
Child's blood 'cleaned' in UK transplant first
Wed Jul 09 02:37:54 BST 2014
A guide to canine helpers
Wed Jul 09 00:49:52 BST 2014
Pregnant women or those who have just given birth need closer attention for signs of potentially
Wed Jul 09 00:00:14 BST 2014
The number of organ transplants is continuing to rise, but the UK still lags behind other
Tue Jul 08 14:44:03 BST 2014
Hospital parking fees are a stealth tax, and need to be cut or abolished, says Tory MP Robert
Tue Jul 08 13:30:58 BST 2014
Scientists describe the development of a new blood test to predict the onset of Alzheimer's as a
Tue Jul 08 12:06:50 BST 2014
5 live's David Grundy visits an alcohol treatment centre to find out if they can ease pressure on
Tue Jul 08 09:50:16 BST 2014
As an official report prepares to highlight the impact of loneliness, the BBC's Tim Muffett has
Tue Jul 08 04:46:03 BST 2014
Exactly what is "raw" chocolate and is it more healthy?
Tue Jul 08 00:04:26 BST 2014
Will today's children really die earlier than their parents?
Mon Jul 07 20:31:57 BST 2014
GPs are being encouraged to prescribe trips to lunch clubs and museums as part of new measures to
Mon Jul 07 17:42:24 BST 2014
A contraceptive computer chip that can be controlled by remote control has been developed in
Mon Jul 07 11:14:19 BST 2014
A terminal cancer patient says the NHS failed to diagnose the disease despite 19 doctor and
Mon Jul 07 08:12:36 BST 2014
The website making it easier for disabled people
Mon Jul 07 03:59:21 BST 2014
Returning to education after chemotherapy
Fri Jul 04 03:28:14 BST 2014
German doctors are highlighting the dangers of headbanging after a 50-year-old man developed
Thu Jul 03 15:43:41 BST 2014
Prof Dame Sally Davies answers your questions
Sun Jun 29 01:19:19 BST 2014
The first is the most dangerous of life
Fri May 23 01:02:39 BST 2014
The risks of a plan to admit fewer patients