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Fri Jul 03 14:04:18 BST 2015
Trials suggest a new gene therapy treatment for cystic fibrosis patients could be available within
Fri Jul 03 10:03:47 BST 2015
Patients who miss appointments will be told how much they have cost the NHS, Health Secretary
Fri Jul 03 08:12:36 BST 2015
The drugs that protect people who have unprotected sex
Fri Jul 03 07:03:28 BST 2015
The NHS lags behind other countries on preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving
Fri Jul 03 06:16:38 BST 2015
The NHS lags behind other countries when it comes to preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and
Fri Jul 03 02:58:00 BST 2015
A gene therapy has stabilised and slightly improved cystic fibrosis in some of 136 patients in a
Fri Jul 03 01:17:44 BST 2015
The way children sniff different aromas could form the basis of a test for autism, suggest
Fri Jul 03 00:44:27 BST 2015
The Indian government is not publishing the results of a vast national survey of the health of the
Thu Jul 02 18:22:48 BST 2015
How to care for the world's smallest babies
Thu Jul 02 18:17:32 BST 2015
Raised levels of the hormones testosterone and cortisol can make traders take more risks, which
Thu Jul 02 13:50:11 BST 2015
A "culture of bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour" affects staff at all levels in one
Thu Jul 02 08:52:58 BST 2015
Researchers use "mind games" to reveal clues about how brain cells change when making new memories.
Thu Jul 02 02:58:27 BST 2015
A pioneering cancer drug that harnesses the power of the immune system is approved for use in the
Thu Jul 02 02:55:37 BST 2015
A new GP IT system designed to improve quality and planning in the NHS in England is criticised for
Thu Jul 02 00:12:19 BST 2015
Forensic researchers develop a new method for establishing an accurate time of death after as much
Wed Jul 01 20:29:59 BST 2015
Two more cases of Ebola are confirmed in the Liberian village where a teenager died on Sunday - the
Wed Jul 01 18:01:28 BST 2015
Packets of prescription medication will display how much their contents have cost taxpayers, under
Wed Jul 01 16:04:09 BST 2015
Caffeine supplements branded as diet pills should be better regulated, a pharmaceutical body says
Wed Jul 01 15:57:10 BST 2015
The heatwave killer
Wed Jul 01 14:10:03 BST 2015
Medical editor Fergus Walsh visited a Unicef nutrition centre in Chad to see what is being done to
Wed Jul 01 10:24:07 BST 2015
A survey that asked more than 18,000 children what they think about hospital care, found a majority
Tue Jun 30 17:06:21 BST 2015
GPs aren't happy. Nick Triggle finds out why
Tue Jun 30 11:32:45 BST 2015
Simon Kindleysides, who lost the use of his legs in 2013, says it is an "incredible feeling" to
Tue Jun 30 02:44:12 BST 2015
The Independent Living Fund is closing. What will change?
Mon Jun 29 07:11:01 BST 2015
NHS staff are expected to follow new guidelines on being open and honest with patients when things
Sun Jun 28 04:55:24 BST 2015
The UK scientists who've found out how to trap the tsetse fly
Sun Jun 28 00:05:07 BST 2015
The lure of a bright blue target is helping to reduce numbers of tsetse flies which pass on the
Fri Jun 26 01:26:10 BST 2015
A computer game could help some people control their unhealthy snacking habits, suggests a small
Sun Mar 08 01:31:05 GMT 2015
The strange effects of cancer on appetite
Mon Jan 26 16:00:17 GMT 2015
As we live longer and with council budgets tight, the social care system that supports us in our
Fri Dec 05 01:46:52 GMT 2014
Why the NHS should listen to people who see something amiss