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Wed Oct 07 11:15:17 BST 2015
A toddler is expected to make a full recovery after a near-fatal car accident caused his head to
Wed Oct 07 10:14:12 BST 2015
How hospices bring care and comfort to the dying
Wed Oct 07 03:24:20 BST 2015
Ovarian transplants are a safe and effective way for women who have had cancer to have their own
Wed Oct 07 03:13:38 BST 2015
A new drug for advanced skin cancer should be made available on the NHS in England, a health body
Wed Oct 07 03:05:10 BST 2015
Two-thirds of older and disabled people who turn to their local councils in England for help with
Tue Oct 06 18:49:14 BST 2015
New organ donation rules which presume consent are finalised by AMs.
Tue Oct 06 18:00:29 BST 2015
Inquests will be held into the deaths of a number of patients at care homes at the centre of an
Tue Oct 06 17:56:42 BST 2015
A re-think of immigration rules which protect ballet dancers but not vital foreign nurses need
Tue Oct 06 16:52:45 BST 2015
How safe is the air that we breathe?
Tue Oct 06 15:38:55 BST 2015
Health watchdogs link a Dundee company to an outbreak of E. coli which affected nine people across
Tue Oct 06 13:01:15 BST 2015
Scotland's health minister apologises to women who were left with severe complications following a
Tue Oct 06 12:55:33 BST 2015
Childless British Asian couples could consider using donor eggs from Caucasian women to avoid
Tue Oct 06 11:28:07 BST 2015
What different countries say about assisted dying
Tue Oct 06 09:06:25 BST 2015
End-of-life care in the UK has been ranked as the best in the world with a study praising the
Tue Oct 06 08:22:35 BST 2015
The UK provides the best care in the world for people nearing the end of their lives, according to
Mon Oct 05 18:45:45 BST 2015
A donor from Germany who was a perfect match for a girl whose life was saved by a bone marrow
Mon Oct 05 17:06:53 BST 2015
A look at the work that won this year's Nobel Prize in medicine
Mon Oct 05 17:02:21 BST 2015
A former Conservative health minister has criticised the Government's handling of controversial
Mon Oct 05 15:03:13 BST 2015
The "devastating harm" caused by having too much sugar is the focus of Brighton and Hove's first
Mon Oct 05 14:09:48 BST 2015
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been split two ways for groundbreaking work on
Mon Oct 05 12:37:42 BST 2015
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been awarded to two teams for their groundbreaking
Mon Oct 05 00:33:59 BST 2015
The many ways chilli peppers may be good for you
Sun Oct 04 18:08:06 BST 2015
GPs in England are to be offered a voluntary contract to provide seven-day-a-week cover for
Sun Oct 04 18:05:19 BST 2015
Senior doctors are calling for a rethink over the use of a chemotherapy drug to treat prostate
Sun Oct 04 00:02:40 BST 2015
Drinking dirty water is a reality for many around the world. One company has teamed up with NGOs to
Sat Oct 03 01:13:20 BST 2015
The patients subjected to intimate examinations - without consent
Fri Oct 02 19:53:08 BST 2015
The Children's Commissioner for England is concerned that young people with mental health issues
Tue Sep 29 17:51:06 BST 2015
The Welsh Rugby team might want to ditch cryotherapy sessions ahead of their match against Fiji on
Wed Sep 23 04:01:02 BST 2015
Carers should spend at least 30 minutes on home visits to older people as part of a new gold
Sun Mar 08 01:31:05 GMT 2015
The strange effects of cancer on appetite
Fri Dec 05 01:46:52 GMT 2014
Why the NHS should listen to people who see something amiss