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Fri Nov 14 00:41:51 GMT 2014
Giving up alcohol for a month can change people's drinking behaviour, encouraging them to drink
Fri Nov 14 00:41:16 GMT 2014
US scientists say tracking Wikipedia page views could help predict the next big global disease
Fri Nov 14 00:40:41 GMT 2014
The NHS will be "pushed to its limit" by a 1,000 new cancer patients per day within two years, says
Fri Nov 14 00:39:45 GMT 2014
There are nearly 2,500 breaches of patient confidentiality by the NHS each year, according to an
Fri Nov 14 00:02:01 GMT 2014
Why a bad winter could spell trouble for the NHS and politicians
Fri Nov 14 00:00:05 GMT 2014
Fears of a winter crisis in the NHS in England have prompted ministers to increase the emergency
Thu Nov 13 17:14:30 GMT 2014
US researchers warn that premature babies are being exposed unnecessarily to high levels of a
Thu Nov 13 13:11:43 GMT 2014
The charity MSF says it is to host clinical trials of new Ebola treatments in West Africa, one of
Thu Nov 13 12:59:44 GMT 2014
Taking vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements does not seem to cut the risk of developing dementia,
Thu Nov 13 12:14:06 GMT 2014
Cancer charities say they are "deeply concerned" at moves to restrict medicines available through a
Thu Nov 13 11:45:58 GMT 2014
Hundreds of people visit a health centre for screening after 22,000 patients of Nottinghamshire
Thu Nov 13 11:25:00 GMT 2014
William Sitwell and Bee Wilson discuss the influence of McDonald's in its 40th year in the UK.
Thu Nov 13 09:55:32 GMT 2014
The NHS Blood and Transplant centre in Bristol is working hard to ensure it has enough to get
Thu Nov 13 05:08:05 GMT 2014
An NHS "kitemark" for health-related smartphone apps is one of a number of new technological
Thu Nov 13 04:35:14 GMT 2014
A study suggests people who carry errors in a single gene could have protection against heart
Wed Nov 12 22:47:08 GMT 2014
UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has travelled to Sierra Leone and met people working on the UK
Wed Nov 12 22:18:06 GMT 2014
The number of people killed by the worst outbreak of Ebola has risen to 5,160, the World Health
Wed Nov 12 19:06:12 GMT 2014
A woman whose family dentist is currently under review for poor infection control practices has
Wed Nov 12 18:51:24 GMT 2014
Police investigate the death of a woman who died shortly after being treated by a dentist under
Wed Nov 12 16:37:58 GMT 2014
Pregnant women should travel to countries where malaria is a risk only if their trip is essential,
Wed Nov 12 16:23:24 GMT 2014
Hundreds of workers at an Ebola clinic in Sierra Leone go on strike, as two more people in Mali are
Wed Nov 12 14:05:25 GMT 2014
A vaccine to prevent genital warts and cancer should be given to men who have sex with men,
Wed Nov 12 11:24:14 GMT 2014
A Danish paediatrician claims to have made a significant breakthrough in the battle against
Wed Nov 12 03:27:04 GMT 2014
The London Borough of Newham which hosted the 2012 Olympics is the least physically active place in
Wed Nov 12 03:25:49 GMT 2014
Swiss researchers develop a way to "switch on" specific genes using the power of the mind.
Wed Nov 12 00:23:15 GMT 2014
Meet Malawi's motorbike couriers who are battling infant HIV
Tue Nov 11 18:30:19 GMT 2014
The world has been "too slow" in responding to the Ebola crisis in west Africa, Tony Blair says.
Tue Nov 11 17:14:38 GMT 2014
Up to £1.5bn of extra funding for the NHS in England should be found ahead of the general election,
Tue Nov 11 16:04:02 GMT 2014
One of Britain's best known trades union leaders has spoken about the operation and technology that
Tue Nov 11 15:35:44 GMT 2014
Experts warn one in 10 sausages in England and Wales could lead to a hepatitis E virus infection
Tue Nov 11 10:41:50 GMT 2014
Pub chain criticised for creating a burger containing 98% of a woman’s recommended daily calorie
Tue Nov 11 02:57:14 GMT 2014
The first identical twins to undergo a live liver transplant in the UK did not realise they were
Mon Nov 10 14:49:42 GMT 2014
Why would e-cigarette advertising be 'sexual'?
Mon Nov 10 07:08:48 GMT 2014
BBC Inside Out speaks to Dr Keith McNeil, chief executive of Addenbrooke’s, about Dr Myles
Sat Nov 08 23:31:36 GMT 2014
Have the Danes cracked childhood obesity?
Sat Nov 08 15:49:49 GMT 2014
Why doctors are still unsure how to treat pain after amputation
Thu Nov 06 09:00:17 GMT 2014
How do pharma firms make such fat profits?
Tue Nov 04 02:50:44 GMT 2014
Is there really a crisis among GPs?
Mon Nov 03 17:30:44 GMT 2014
The navy blue Skoda that's saving lives in London
Sun Nov 02 01:33:18 GMT 2014
Are we entering a new stage of the Ebola epidemic?
Wed Oct 29 11:24:44 GMT 2014
A doctor's right to refuse to treat
Tue Oct 28 10:30:20 GMT 2014
Politicians line up to back NHS plan
Mon Oct 27 17:16:38 GMT 2014
Meet the NHS volunteers heading to West Africa
Sun Oct 19 01:16:16 BST 2014
What role does wild animal meat play in the Ebola outbreak?
Fri Aug 08 05:05:18 BST 2014
Why does Ebola cause more concern than other deadly diseases?