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Tue Aug 19 12:33:49 BST 2014
Seventeen suspected Ebola patients who went missing in Liberia after a health centre was attacked
Tue Aug 19 02:12:20 BST 2014
Stimulating the part of the brain which controls movement may help people recover from strokes.
Mon Aug 18 21:40:32 BST 2014
Recent large contracts are fuelling the debate over competition for services within the NHS.
Mon Aug 18 21:21:47 BST 2014
Following earlier denials, Liberia has admitted that 17 suspected Ebola patients are "missing"
Mon Aug 18 11:05:10 BST 2014
Scientists say three people with the hair-loss condition alopecia areata have seen their hair
Mon Aug 18 00:28:10 BST 2014
Doctor puts a high-meat diet to the test
Sun Aug 17 11:57:36 BST 2014
A new tax on alcohol to fund abstinence-based treatment is among a number of measures to tackle
Sun Aug 17 08:36:14 BST 2014
Taxes on alcohol sold in shops should be increased to pay for rehabilitation services, according to
Sun Aug 17 01:42:24 BST 2014
How trapeze therapy can benefit mind and body
Sat Aug 16 15:32:49 BST 2014
Lesser-known things about Asperger's syndrome
Sat Aug 16 14:59:48 BST 2014
Depression and anxiety are twice as common in people newly-diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
Sat Aug 16 14:40:08 BST 2014
Women suffering from depression are being encouraged to attend a trapeze exercise class to help
Sat Aug 16 10:31:42 BST 2014
An investigation has begun into an outbreak of Salmonella which has now affected more than 150
Fri Aug 15 18:16:23 BST 2014
Sam Bailey spoke to BBC News about his experiences with depression.
Fri Aug 15 12:35:25 BST 2014
Public Health England is investigating a Salmonella outbreak which has affected more than 150
Fri Aug 15 10:07:33 BST 2014
Robin Williams' death has raised questions, says Hugh Pym
Fri Aug 15 08:10:47 BST 2014
Patients say that the decision by the NHS in England to reject a treatment for men who have
Thu Aug 14 23:40:15 BST 2014
The 30-year-old health billionaire you've probably never heard of
Thu Aug 14 18:52:58 BST 2014
Failing GP practices in England could be closed unless they improve under a new Care Quality
Thu Aug 14 17:42:57 BST 2014
An expert panel says the number of CT scans performed each year is rising exponentially and more
Thu Aug 14 14:56:50 BST 2014
Guinea declares a national health emergency as it battles to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola
Thu Aug 14 10:05:14 BST 2014
Tackling failing GPs may be harder than it seems
Thu Aug 14 00:13:21 BST 2014
Being overweight raises the risk of developing some of the most common cancers, according to a
Thu Aug 14 00:10:20 BST 2014
Failing GP practices will face closure under plans being unveiled in England by the Care Quality
Wed Aug 13 17:54:55 BST 2014
Ethical approval has been given for a study where some patients who experienced a cardiac arrest
Wed Aug 13 08:01:09 BST 2014
Scientists in the UK are examining the DNA of people who have had anorexia to try to find out more
Wed Aug 13 01:39:59 BST 2014
Infusing tiny spheres of gold into the heart of cancer cells may help boost the effectiveness of
Wed Aug 13 01:14:23 BST 2014
Should pregnant mothers be told about 'chance' instead of 'risk'?
Tue Aug 12 18:51:11 BST 2014
Why do many comedians struggle with depression?
Mon Aug 11 00:11:23 BST 2014
How the art of illusion is helping disabled children
Fri Aug 08 12:45:13 BST 2014
Advice on the best way to brush teeth for adults and children is confusing and inconsistent,
Fri Aug 08 05:05:18 BST 2014
Why does Ebola cause more concern than other deadly diseases?
Sun Aug 03 02:49:17 BST 2014
The man who helped save 50m people