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Mon Nov 23 12:47:37 GMT 2015
Hospitals in England are seeing thousands of patients suffering from the symptoms of malnutrition.
Mon Nov 23 08:31:30 GMT 2015
A slow international response and a failure of leadership were to blame for the West African Ebola
Mon Nov 23 01:56:14 GMT 2015
A cap on how much NHS trusts can spend on agency staff comes into force in England on Monday, in a
Mon Nov 23 00:10:17 GMT 2015
Could a 'miracle' berry kill your cravings for sugar?
Sun Nov 22 01:57:54 GMT 2015
The UK government is to create a new £1bn fund aimed at eradicating malaria and other infectious
Sat Nov 21 02:51:12 GMT 2015
Emergency doctors and safety campaigners call for a national home-visiting scheme to help prevent
Sat Nov 21 00:10:07 GMT 2015
A new digital crypto-currency has been launched that is generated by human movement.
Fri Nov 20 18:15:10 GMT 2015
Three new cases of Ebola are confirmed in Liberia less than three months after the country was
Fri Nov 20 12:17:07 GMT 2015
Overspending by NHS trusts in England has risen to £1.6bn this year, as concerns about the
Fri Nov 20 12:04:38 GMT 2015
Stroke patients are more likely to regain their cognitive functions if they speak more than one
Fri Nov 20 06:41:38 GMT 2015
'Military and police units guard the doors of A&E'
Fri Nov 20 01:58:29 GMT 2015
Infection with a species of parasitic worm increases the fertility of women, say scientists.
Fri Nov 20 01:50:50 GMT 2015
More investment is needed to beat tuberculosis (TB), which has become one of the most deadly
Fri Nov 20 01:14:48 GMT 2015
As part of the 100 women series BBC news speaks to some of the female nurses working in areas
Fri Nov 20 00:47:31 GMT 2015
How yoga helped balance my bipolar
Fri Nov 20 00:33:27 GMT 2015
The BBC takes a look at the figures behind nursing - one of the most sought after professions among
Fri Nov 20 00:22:09 GMT 2015
At the age of 27, Azza Jadalla has already lived through six wars - three in the past seven years
Thu Nov 19 19:15:20 GMT 2015
Patients could get innovative cancer drugs more quickly under plans to overhaul England's
Thu Nov 19 13:53:05 GMT 2015
The Health Secretary is not ruling out going to independent arbitration at ACAS at some stage in
Thu Nov 19 12:59:33 GMT 2015
Junior doctors in England have overwhelmingly voted in favour of going on strike in their dispute
Thu Nov 19 12:17:59 GMT 2015
Why the doctors' strikes are a nightmare for the NHS
Thu Nov 19 10:43:49 GMT 2015
Confused? A guide to all you need to know about the dispute
Thu Nov 19 09:45:33 GMT 2015
The young doctor who treated first casualties of the Paris attacks
Thu Nov 19 09:12:24 GMT 2015
The results of a ballot of junior doctors in England are to be unveiled later, with a vote in
Thu Nov 19 08:42:29 GMT 2015
Jeremy Hughes, the chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society since 2010, says that he took a very
Wed Nov 18 10:04:17 GMT 2015
Three junior doctors discuss why they support going on strike against proposed changes to their
Wed Nov 18 09:24:08 GMT 2015
A ballot of junior doctors closes this afternoon, which could lead to the first all-out strike in
Wed Sep 23 04:01:02 BST 2015
Carers should spend at least 30 minutes on home visits to older people as part of a new gold
Sun Mar 08 01:31:05 GMT 2015
The strange effects of cancer on appetite
Fri Dec 05 01:46:52 GMT 2014
Why the NHS should listen to people who see something amiss