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Tue Jun 21 12:20:25 BST 2016
How a mother campaigns to get people talking about babies who die.
Tue Jun 21 07:56:38 BST 2016
Angola is struggling to contain a yellow fever outbreak that has killed more than 300 people since
Tue Jun 21 00:57:18 BST 2016
Around 28m people in the UK are living in chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis,
Tue Jun 21 00:57:00 BST 2016
The NHS could save money and patients' time by giving fewer but stronger doses of radiotherapy
Tue Jun 21 00:54:17 BST 2016
The NHS is stuck in an "endless winter" with hospitals left in chaos struggling to cope, doctors
Mon Jun 20 23:04:06 BST 2016
The widow of a Falklands veteran is going to the High Court to try and prevent their frozen embryos
Mon Jun 20 18:04:54 BST 2016
One of the first women to receive a womb transplant is expecting a second child, a medical
Mon Jun 20 15:42:56 BST 2016
Weekend staffing levels affect the care patients receive at a Wigan hospital, one of its surgeons
Mon Jun 20 10:24:45 BST 2016
Three 12-year-old girls who became seriously ill after taking ecstasy on Saturday are now said to
Mon Jun 20 09:56:32 BST 2016
New brain scanning software being developed by the University of Aberdeen could save the lives of
Mon Jun 20 01:08:03 BST 2016
Pregnant women with epilepsy need specialist care to prevent unnecessary deaths, according to new
Mon Jun 20 00:25:40 BST 2016
The lack of GPs in Scotland is described as "extremely concerning" by the British Medical
Sun Jun 19 14:06:38 BST 2016
Health unions have written to David Cameron urging him to halt a plan to replace bursaries for
Sun Jun 19 09:00:21 BST 2016
Harefield hospital in London is giving some of its patients a taste of Bollywood and classical
Sun Jun 19 03:03:51 BST 2016
Plans to scrap bursaries for student nurses and other front-line staff in England are reckless,
Sat Jun 18 02:09:45 BST 2016
The NHS needs nurses to be better trained in dealing with people who have Sickle Cell Disease, a
Fri Jun 17 23:06:27 BST 2016
The breakdown of Uganda's main radiotherapy machine continues to affect many of the country's
Fri Jun 17 19:59:44 BST 2016
Meet Fama Ka, the visually impaired woman who runs free braille classes to teach blind people in
Fri Jun 17 17:24:50 BST 2016
UN health experts recommend cutting the standard dose of yellow fever vaccine by 80% in
Fri Jun 17 07:15:44 BST 2016
New research by the BBC's Breakfast programme shows an increase in the number of people in England
Fri Jun 17 04:40:58 BST 2016
Rebecca Rosen, a GP from a busy London practice, says pressures on the service risk "budget
Fri Jun 17 01:30:34 BST 2016
A pioneering pair of cancer drugs that unleash the immune system on tumours will be paid for by the
Wed Jun 15 23:26:00 BST 2016
One of the UK's busiest ambulance services is being investigated after reports of bullying and
Tue Jun 14 02:45:20 BST 2016
Young people today are more clean-living than any generation since before the 1960s. What is
Tue Jun 14 01:32:18 BST 2016
More needs to be done to tackle the stigma around albinism in Britain, a support group says, so
Mon Jun 13 23:54:42 BST 2016
Checking our work emails and social media accounts at all hours of the day is making us more
Mon Jun 13 12:19:39 BST 2016
Scientists say they have developed a better way to predict how diseases such as Lassa fever jump
Mon Jun 13 11:42:33 BST 2016
A robot that can decide whether or not to inflict pain is demonstrated by roboticist and artist
Sat Jun 11 01:15:08 BST 2016
Art may bring real pleasure to people's lives but can it also help them if they are faced with ill
Thu Apr 07 01:51:53 BST 2016
Working out how much exercise it would take to burn off calories from food would be easier if
Sun Feb 14 01:45:44 GMT 2016
Rats, dogs and cows are just some of the animals that are advancing the diagnosis and treatment of
Sun Jan 10 00:50:49 GMT 2016
A major medical emergency has never occurred on the International Space Station - but what would
Sun Dec 13 00:18:23 GMT 2015
Compulsory annual medical check-ups are yielding impressive results in Cuba.
Wed Dec 09 02:54:17 GMT 2015
Vital care services for older and disabled people in England are still at risk - despite government
Tue Jul 28 17:10:11 BST 2015
As we live longer and with council budgets tight, the care system that supports us in our later
Wed Jul 22 13:45:09 BST 2015
A look at how the different parts of the UK provide care to older people.